Is student-athlete experience in your athletic department consistent with the mission of the university? Are best practices identified and shared across teams? Do you have clear insights from student-athletes about expectations and where those expectations are met, exceeded, or need to be addressed? Do you understand why student-athletes transfer out of your program?

Information is Key

With the complexity of intercollegiate athletics, it is challenging for administrators and coaches to know, with confidence, that student-athlete experience across all teams is what it should be. Mission statements, goals, and objectives provide a starting framework but the true test is neutral assessment of teams and the athletic department to safely identify necessary information for athletic department and university administrators to have confidence in staying the course or to successfully adapt, where needed.


Carefully designed assessment is a necessity to:

  • Identify best practices
  • Identify problem areas
  • Align resources to areas of greatest need and impact


Assessment is cost effective and an important step in preventing the types of issues that keep administrators and coaches up at night.

Alignment is Critical

Once an assessment is done, SCI works closely with you to identify an effective path for ensuring best practices are protected and areas of concern are addressed.  SCI partners with internal resources to ensure that all policies, practices, and procedures align and are consistent in supporting a superior student-athlete experience.

Contact SCI to discuss assessment options for ensuring student-athlete experience