Mitchell Kiefer is a second year student in the Conflict and Dispute Resolution Master’s Program at the University of Oregon. Within conflict studies, he is primarily interested in the psychological, social, and performance impacts of conflict within sport, as well as disaster prevention and relief. He is also interested in the intersection of these two areas of conflict – specifically the use of sport in disaster response as a means for psychological and social intervention. Additionally, Mitchell is interested in resolving conflicts within sports organizations in order to help those organizations run more smoothly and efficiently.

Born and raised in Arkansas, Mitchell graduated from Arkansas State University with a degree in philosophy in 2013. He plans to pursue a Ph.D. in philosophy (focusing on social and political philosophy) after he finishes his studies at the University of Oregon. Eventually, he plans to use his education in conflict studies to research how conflicts in sports affect both those in sports as well as the perception of sports in society.

Though never a collegiate nor a professional athlete, Mitchell participates in off-road triathlons, and occasionally in trail runs and mountain bike races. He is an avid supporter of Chicago professional sports teams, as well as Tottenham Hotspur of the English Premier League. As an intern with SCI, he will be assisting with the Ombuds program at Kidsport and research in the field of sports conflict.